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Whether you are young or old, male or female, our most earnest mission is for you to reach and maintain your peak fitness level; both physically and mentally. As a USSD school, the largest martial arts school in North America, Palos Verdes Karate offers a fun, safe environment for you to reach your potential.

14-Day Membership

Try us for 14 days and you'll get a Karate uniform, group lessons, and 2 private lessons. All for only $20




Mon: 8pm-9:30pm

Wed: 8pm-10pm

Fri: 7pm-8:20pm

Sat: 9am-10am



You are never too old to start Martial Arts. In fact, we find that starting Martial Arts long after childhood does not diminish, at all, your chances to benefit from them just the same. If anything, you will benefit more from our training programs than your child. You will become more flexible, stronger, more accurate and aware of your surroundings, all while finding peace within you.

The Martial Arts, besides giving you an excellent work out, and teaching you practical Self Defense techniques, have been proven to be a fantastic outlet for adults to let their frustrations out or relieve stress, in a safe and fun environment, and also better their health greatly. If you are a student, adult, or professional, this program is for you.


Tues: 7pm-8pm

Thurs: 7pm-8pm

Sat: 9am-10am

Ages 11-14 yrs old


As parents, we know that young teenage kids are full of energy, but also full of daily tasks and responsibilities, so we have designed a program that fits your schedule, and more importantly, theirs. Our Young Adult program allows you a combination of Private lessons, that fit around your schedule, and Group lessons, conveniently placed after school and homework time.

This program will also cover basic Martial Arts training, but focuses more in the Self Defense aspects of the Arts and self reliance. It is designed to strengthen their muscles, make them more flexible, increase their confidence and self esteem, and overall bring balance to their hectic lives.

              Ages 7-10 yrs old

Flying Tigers

Tue, Thu: 6-7pm

Sat:  11am-12pm


Conveniently scheduled right after school, this program gives your flying tigers an opportunity to get their energy levels up, their bodies on the move and get them ready to learn some safe and fun karate and kung fu. Throughout the class we encourage and get them enthusiastic about going though the exercises and stretches that will keep their bodies healthy and in shape for many years to come.

Along with physical training we always incorporate the principles behind the martial arts that we teach. At home at school and wherever they may be, you as a parent, can be sure that the lessons and principles they learn here in the studio such as respect, sincerity, self-control and effort just to name a few, will soon be put in to practice in their daily lives. Little by little your young flying tigers will and grow to become teenagers with character that are happy, healthy and with enough confidence and self-esteem to take on any task that their future might hold.

Little Dragons

Mon, Wed: 5-5:45pm

Sat: 1-1:45pm

Ages 4-6 yrs old


This martial arts program is specifically designed for your young children. The Little Dragons will learn the basics of martial arts: punches, kicks, blocks, and stances in a safe environment, all while developing their focus, confidence, self-esteem and respect for others.

We have many incentives for the children to perform better, both inside the dojo and outside of the martial arts. Our friendly and professional staff will always ensure that your child is practicing martial arts safely while having lots of fun in the process. We also work directly with you, the parents to customize the training program to give all the benefits your child needs. Over time, this program will prove to be the best investment you could make in your child’s future.

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30-Minute Intro Session

We'll walk you through some martial arts basics to get you comfortable. Then help you figure out which classes are right for you.

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14-Day Membership
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A training program for you and your family to experience the benefits of Karate first hand. You'll get a Karate uniform, two weeks worth of group lessons, and 2 private lessons. There’s no obligation after your time's up.

1-Month Membership

You'll get a Karate uniform, a month's worth of group lessons, and 4 private lessons.